Due to the rise of prices for the materials, energies and labors, we will ask all our customers to understand the revised prices for ebonite products as of 8/1/2024.

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The length of the ebonite rod : 1 meter.
[ORDER over 30,000g ]
Shipping fee is not calculated in case that "WEIGHT(GROSS)" exceeds 30,000g.
After you place your order which is over 30,000g, we will email you where you'll find the estimated amount including shipping and insurance fee.
*There are some countries that we don't deal with. / Some countries are subject to exceptions, please contact us directly by email.

If your order is sent to Japan, please contact us by e-mail.

"Custom Colored Rods" Please click here!
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<Custom Colored Rods>
For estimate, let me know what you want with the following information.
- Color :
Please let me know colors and their ratio as follows;
Red 30% / Beige 20% / Black 50% etc.
- Pattern: your choice of mottle or ripple.
- Unpolished / Polished
- Diameter Size
- MOQ: 3 meters.
Please contact us by e-mail.
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<Basic Terms and Conditions>
- MOQ : accept from 1 piece (meter).
- Price: FOB, Tokyo, Japan.
- Payment: Advanced payment in Japanese Yen through PayPal or T/T.
- Shipment: By EMS / DHL / Sea mail (by Japan Post).
- Cutting cost: Buyer's account.
- Freight, insurance and import customs duties: Buyer's account.
(When postman delivers goods, you may pay tariffs etc.)
- Delivery : After confirmation of payment.
- In case that products that you want are out of stock, we start to produce after your payment.
It takes about 18 weeks to make.
<Return Policy>
- Due to the nature of custom-made products, returns / exchanges / refunds are not accepted for customer convenience. In case there is any defect in the delivered product ( e.g. different items, insufficient quantity), please contact us immediately. We are not liable for the products damaged by the shipping company.